Suimono, yuba, turnip

Like the Sprouted Lentil Soup, this is a comforting clear soup ("suimono") to sip on as the savory component of the meal winds down. Ordinarily, I hate to serve a dish on a menu that I haven't practiced at least once. This is one such dish, but fortunately it was a success. And that's not a huge surprise - it's a very simple dish, a lightly-flavored dashi broth with squares of yuba, or tofu skin, and some rounds of raw thinly-shaved Tokyo turnip. A few drops of beef fat make for a nice presentation.

In a departure from the usual recipes on this site, this recipe is very light on specific quantitites. Taste your seasonings, and season the broth very gently until you reach something you like. It should not have a bold flavor or dominant note.

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For 4 servings.

~ 1 qt dashi



Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce)

Yuba, about 6" square sheet

Tokyo turnips

Rendered beef fat, for garnish (optional)




  1. Season the dashi to taste. Use more of the sake and mirin and less of the shoyu - you want to avoid very strong flavors.
  2. To serve: cut the yuba into small squares and shave the Tokyo turnips very thinly on the mandoline. Spoon some warmed broth into a bowl and add in a few yuba squares and turnip slices. Finish with a few drops of the beef fat, if using, and serve.

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